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    Blog post | 6 July 2016 | Mark Napier

Payroll Lending in Zambia: a Dance with the Devil?

Zambia | Capital markets | Credit | Financial Inclusion | Payroll lending

In March 2016, the Zambian government approved proposals to redesign the royalty regime for mining companies.  This involved introducing a new methodology for calculating Mineral Royalty Tax (MRT), linked to the prevailing copper price. Because mines can take several...

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    Document | May 2015 | PlaNet Finance Group

Payroll Lending Review – Zambia

SSA | Zambia | Credit | Microfinance | Payroll lending

This report documents the results of an assessment of the payroll lending sector in Zambia. The study was commissioned by FSD Africa on behalf of the Bank of Zambia and was carried out between July and November 2014. The study forms part of a broader theme of work...

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