News Item | 13 July 2016

FSD Africa Rolls Out Professional Writing Clinics

SSA | Skills development

In May 2016, and in partnership with Innergy2000 Ltd, FSDA under the FSD Academy umbrella delivered two professional writing clinics with 27 participants from both FSD Africa and FSD Kenya. The FSD Academy, which is the FSDs staff training and induction centre, was...

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    News Item | 17 June 2016

FSD Africa and the Uganda Capital Markets Authority sign MoU

Uganda | Capital markets | Skills development

Friday 17th June 2016, Nairobi— Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa) and the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda (CMA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which sets out how the two organisations will collaborate to drive capital markets...

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    News Item | 30 March 2016

New Partnership to Help 1,500 DFS Professionals Boost Financial Inclusion

SSA | Digital finance services | Financial Inclusion | Skills development

A new certified training programme in digital money will help 1,500 professionals gain technical knowledge and drive innovation in digital money, thanks to a partnership between FSD Africa and the Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI). FSD Africa is investing US$1.5 million...

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    News Item | 25 March 2016

FSDA Launches its First Photo Contest in Kenya

Kenya | Agriculture / rural finance | Financial Inclusion | Strategic Communications

  About the competition  Financial inclusion is key to lifting people out of poverty. Over the past 15 years, progress in accessing financial services in Kenya has been remarkable. FSDA’s first photo competition in 2016 wants to showcase how Kenyans seize new...

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