FSD Africa Summary Strategic Plan (2013-2018)

This summary Strategic Plan (2013-2018) provides a clear and simple overview of FSD Africa.

To do this, the document:

  • Defines key terms and concepts
  • Outlines the link between financial markets and poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Describes how and why FSD Africa will focus on both financial inclusion as well as finance for growth work
  • Explains why a market facilitation is FSD Africa’s chosen approach to poverty reduction
  • Demonstrates key focus areas and objectives
  • Illustrates key projects and interventions
  • Describes the diversity of partners with which FSD Africa works

If you’d like any further details about how we work then please do not hesitate to contact FSD Africa.



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  • Hi,

    The download link for the FSD Africa Summary Strategic Plan (2013-2018) doesn’t quite lead to the document. Is it possible for you to share it on email?

    Kind regards,

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    • Thanks for your inquiry Ceasar. We are updating our strategic plan and will share with you the new version as soon as it is ready.