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    Document | February 2016 | Mark Napier

Capital Market Development Priorities for Zambia

Zambia | Capital markets | Market Development

This is a presentation by Mark Napier (FSD Africa Director) to the Lord Mayor of London during his visit in Lusaka, Zambia on suggested priorities for Capital Markets Development in Zambia.

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    Document | January 2016 | FSD Africa, Oxford Policy Management

Impact Orientated Measurement: Monitoring and Results Measurement for Financial Market Facilitation

SSA | Market Development | Monitoring & Results Measurement

In July 2014, FSD Africa began an FSD network-wide consultative process to improve monitoring and results measurement (MRM) for financial market facilitation. Its specific objectives were two-fold: a) to strengthen MRM processes within individual FSDs at the project and...

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    Document | November 2015 | DFID

UK Aid: Tackling Global Challenges in the National Interest

Global | United Kingdom | Aid and Donor Finance

This is the latest UK government Aid strategy document published in November 2015 focusing on tackling global challenges in the national interest. Over the last five years UK aid has reached millions across the world. They have supported 11 million children through...

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    Document | November 2015 | Michael J. McCord, Katie Biese

The Landscape of Microinsurance Africa 2015

SSA | Insurance | Microfinance

This preliminary briefing note summarises some of the key insights and trends from the 2015 Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa study which will be published in the first quarter of 2016. This landscape study identified 61.9 million people in the Africa region as...

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    Document | November 2015 | HM Treasury, DFID

UK Aid: Tackling Global Challenges in the National Interest

United Kingdom | Policy and regulation

The UK leads the world on international development, and has kept its promises on aid. In 2013, the UK became the only G20 country to achieve the UN target of spending 0.7% of Gross National Income as Official Development Assistance (ODA). This commitment is now...

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    Document | October 2015 | Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR)

AFR Agricultural Finance Conference Report

Rwanda | Agriculture / rural finance

The Agriculture Finance Conference – themed ‘understanding agriculture finance and its role in financing growth’ – took place on 7–8 October in Kigali, Rwanda. The Conference had three major objectives:  (1) to share global knowledge on agriculture finance...

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    Document | October 2015 | FSD Africa, EMPEA, DFID

Conduits of Capital: Onshore Financial Centres and Private Equity in Africa

SSA | Capital markets | Market Development | Skills development

With growing interest in Africa as an investment destination, the question arises as to which of its major cities are going to emerge as the region’s financial centres. Which cities are going to be able to attract international capital at scale, as well as growing...

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    Document | October 2015 | UNCDF

Youthstart Global – Inception Phase; Youth Economic Opportunity Ecosystem Analysis

Mozambique | Agriculture / rural finance | Financial Inclusion | Financial literacy | Policy and regulation

This is the Mozambique country report by UNCDF published in October 2015 on Youthstart Global’s Inception Phase – Youth Economic Opportunity Ecosystem Analysis. Production was co-funded by Sida, UNCDF, FSD Mozambique and Dalberg. The report keenly analyses the...

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