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    Document | February 2017

Savings Groups National Stakeholder Meeting

Africa | Financial Inclusion

FSD Africa and the SEEP Network convened a stakeholder meeting in Benin in February 2017 to explore the role of savings groups in contributing to broader development goals and activities in the country. The report below documents the outcomes of the meeting. Click here...

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    Document | May 2016 | FSD Uganda

FSD Uganda Policy, Legal and Regulator Specialist

Uganda | Financial Inclusion | Market Development

This is a job re-advertisement for FSD Uganda’s Policy, Legal & Regulator Specialist role. The deadline for this application is 5:00 pm on 29 May 2016. How to Apply: Please make applications by clicking on the link and follow the...

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    Document | April 2016 | Oxford Policy Management, FSD Africa

Measuring Financial Market Facilitation: From MRM System Design to Practice (Part 3/4)

SSA | Market Development | Monitoring & Results Measurement

This is the third of a four-part serialisation of the full Impact Oriented Measurement (IOM) guidance paper. In the previous serialisation, we explored the Theory of Change (TOC), its importance, and how it can be applied by FSDs. This serialisation covers chapter 5,...

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    Document | April 2016 | EPS PEAK, Nathan Associates

SME Financing – How To

Global | SME finance

This is a topical guide written by EPS PEAK which is a consortium of organisations that provides Economics and Private Sector Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services to the DfID. This topic guide focuses on the financial instruments available to help bridge...

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    Document | April 2016 | United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa

SSA | Industries | Policy and regulation

Africa’s development experience over the past decade has yielded unprecedented economic growth rates, fuelled by internal consumption, the prolonged boom in primary commodity prices and demand, accompanied by prudent macroeconomic policies and strategies. This created...

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    Document | February 2016 | Mark Napier

Capital Market Development Priorities for Zambia

Zambia | Capital markets | Market Development

This is a presentation by Mark Napier (FSD Africa Director) to the Lord Mayor of London during his visit in Lusaka, Zambia on suggested priorities for Capital Markets Development in Zambia.

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    Document | January 2016 | FSD Africa, Oxford Policy Management

Impact Orientated Measurement: Monitoring and Results Measurement for Financial Market Facilitation

SSA | Market Development | Monitoring & Results Measurement

In July 2014, FSD Africa began an FSD network-wide consultative process to improve monitoring and results measurement (MRM) for financial market facilitation. Its specific objectives were two-fold: a) to strengthen MRM processes within individual FSDs at the project and...

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