Building the digital finance community in Zambia

  • 16 June, 2019
  • By: Digital Frontiers Institute

Digital finance professionals in Zambia have established the Association of Digital Finance Professionals with the support of Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) and FSD Zambia. Sarah Corley, Community and Professional Development Manager at DFI, explains the reason for their success as an association and as a leading country in the digital finance space for professional development.

Communities of practice form an essential component of the foundational online course that DFI presents. It gives students an opportunity to share ideas and solve problems together, while also building out their professional network. In many countries in Africa and Asia, regional communities of practice serve as a meeting point for fintech professionals.

In Zambia, capacity building has been incredibly successful partly due to the community of practice and its development, but also to the partnership on the ground with FSD Zambia, who helped advocate for DFI’s training programs and exposed key organisations to DFI’s curriculum. 

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