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    Blog post | 11 May 2018 | Evans Osano, Tamara Cook - FSD Kenya

The Story of Kenya’s M-Akiba: Selling Treasury Bonds via Mobile

Kenya | Capital Markets Development

After many years, the involvement of many partners and many iterations, M-Akiba, a Kenyan government bond sold through the mobile phone, was launched in 2017. M-Akiba (M – mobile, Akiba – savings in Kiswahili) was a three-year bond sold in denominations as small as...

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    Blog post | 27 April 2018 | Roland Amoah, Bankable Frontier Associates

Are refugees viable customers for banks?

Rwanda | Refugee Finance

Refugees are not an obvious customer segment for financial service providers (FSPs). It is not hard to see why: in a world where refugees are too often portrayed as very poor, vulnerable, with few tangible assets and little stability, where are the incentives to enter...

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    Blog post | 10 April 2018 | Saurabh Sharma, Aparna Dalal, Peris Mburu

Organising for Change…

Africa | Change management | Insurance

This blog focuses on key ingredients necessary in obtaining buy- in for Change Management to happen in a large insurance company. 1. Create a structure First, it is vital that insurers put in place a structure to guide, plan and review the change process. A steering...

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    Blog post | 16 March 2018 | Paul A. M. Musoke

On International Women’s Day, Women Save to Succeed


This month, we celebrate International Women’s Day united in the 2018 theme “Press for Progress.” While much of the discussion is around how global actors are pressing for progress on women’s equality at the macro level, I’d like to take a deeper look at how a...

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    Blog post | 8 March 2018 | Digital Frontiers Institute

Addressing the gender gap in fintech

SSA | Fintech | Gender

Just as in technology and finance industries around the world, fintech companies in Africa are grappling with a severe underrepresentation of women in leadership roles and throughout their businesses. When compiling the data in the 2017 Fintech Talent Africa report,...

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    Blog post | 12 February 2018 | Desné Masie

Why it would be in everybody’s interests to regulate cryptocurrencies

Digital finance services | Financial Inclusion

There are growing calls for regulation of the cryptocurrency market, which is rapidly approaching a market capitalisation of $1 trillion. But there’s little agreement about the forms this should take. If the case for government regulation is strong, the case for a...

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