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    Blog post | 2 March 2016 | Mark Napier

Barclays Withdrawal – Why Africa Needs to Focus on Local Investors

SSA | Branchless banking | Capital markets | Credit | Digital finance services | Financial Inclusion

So Barclays is pulling out of Africa.  That’s hugely dispiriting news (or non-news, because it has been trailed for a while) and reflects badly on both Barclays and Africa. It reflects badly on Barclays because it suggests a failure of imagination, over many years, to...

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    Blog post | 21 September 2017 | Dan Norell

Changing Food and Market Systems to Improve Nutrition

Africa | Financial Inclusion

This blog originally appeared on The SEEP Network blog, as part of the 2017 Annual Conference Series. I am writing this blog after just having completed a four-day training in Hawassa, Ethiopia of the “Integrating Extremely Poor Producers into Markets Field Guide” or...

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    Blog post | 17 July 2017 | Sarah Hugo, Senior Project Manager at DMA

Cheaper International Money Transfer at our Fingertips (or eyeballs)

Africa | Financial Inclusion

If you’ve ever been to Africa (or even the United States), chances are that you’ve had your finger prints taken on a scanner on the desk at immigration. If you’ve tried to skip the queue at Heathrow, you’ve probably tried to use the facial recognition scanners,...

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    Blog post | 14 June 2017 | Lisa Morgan and Severin Luebke

Reaching the Mass Insurance Market: Where to Start when going Digital

SSA | Financial Inclusion

Blog 2 in our series on managing change within insurance providers, in partnership with FSD Africa For insurers to serve a new type of client at scale they must change their modus operandi. The high costs associated with conventional insurance cannot be absorbed by low...

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    Blog post | 9 June 2017

Cash is King for Africans Sending Money from the UK

SSA | Digital finance services | Policy and regulation

The way we stay in touch, do our shopping, and even the ways in which some of us find love, have all gone digital. Yet, for the vast majority of people sending money home to friends and family in Africa, they are still doing it the way they have always done it: in cash....

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    Blog post | 16 February 2017 | Mark Napier

Financial Service Providers ought to focus on the Cusp Group

Kenya | Credit | Financial Inclusion

Central Bank Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge fielded some tough questions from the audience on 9th February 2017 at FSD Kenya’s annual financial inclusion lecture. British economist, Professor John Kay, had just delivered a provocative talk on the risks of financialization...

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