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Call for proposal

8 January 2020

Request for proposal – Engagement of an independent verifier for the external review/second opinion on the sovereign green bond framework

Closing date

27.01.2020 5:00 pm

We have collaborated with Kenya’s National Treasury and its other partners in leading the development and building of requisite structures, policy guidelines and framework to tap into the private sector led Green Bond Market. It is upon this background that it developed the Kenya Sovereign Green Bond Framework.

The Republic of Kenya (Kenya)’s long and medium-term policies underpin a pathway to sustainable and resilient economic growth characterized by a clean and healthy environment. In particular, Kenya Vision 2030 aims to transform the country into a globally competitive, middle-income country through substantially higher growth rates and more balanced development. Under the Social Pillar (environmental management), Kenya aims to be a nation that has a clean, secure and sustainable environment by 2030. It plans to achieve this by intensifying conservation of strategic natural resources; applying measures to guard against the adverse effects of increased pollution and waste; insulating development from natural hazards; and building institutional capacity in environmental planning and governance.

The National Treasury and Planning is now inviting qualified consultants to bid for the external review/second opinion on the GoK Green Bond Projects Pipelines.

For more infromation and instructions on how to apply, please download the RFP full description or visit

Proposals should be sent by email with the subject “Sovereign Green Bond” to copying by 1700 East African Time on 27th January 2020.