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Call for proposal

26 September 2021

Recruitment & Headhunting Services

Closing date

11.10.2021 12:00 pm

We wish to contract an experienced firm to provide recruitment services for various roles. As an organisation, we need to ensure that we select and onboard the best talent for our various specialist and senior roles, in order to fulfil our mandate of reducing poverty by strengthening financial markets across sub-Saharan Africa.

The purpose is to target recruitment firms with experience in executive recruitment & specialist roles to enable us to access a wide array of diverse talent for various roles in FSD Africa. The firms must have a wide talent base in Africa and where appropriate, globally. 

The overall objective is to facilitate recruitment of diverse high calibre talent that can deliver on our mandate and are also a culture fit for FSD Africa. By ensuring we have an extensive pool of recruitment firms, we will then be able to leverage on their specific areas of expertise. 

The purpose of this call for the terms of reference is, therefore, to enable FSD Africa to identify a consultant(s) who may be engaged to the Human Resources & Talent Management (HR&TM) pillar and various pillars in talent acquisition.

For more information, please download the full terms of reference.

Proposals, which should not exceed 10 pages, should be sent by email to on or before 12pm EAT Monday 11th October 2021 under a subject line reading ‘Invitation to tender: Provision of head-hunting services, recruitment support, or both.