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25 January 2021

Non-Executive Directors – FSD Ethiopia

Closing date

10.02.2021 12:00 pm

We areseeking Non-Executive Directors and a Non-Executive Board Chairperson (Chair) for the Board of FSD Ethiopia. These individuals should be passionate about the role that the financial sector can play in creating jobs, increasing access to basic services and creating sustainable livelihoods. The Directors should be prepared to lend their networks, reputation, experience and expertise towards achieving this goal.

The FSD Ethiopia Board Charter is under development and will provide clear direction regarding Board member roles and responsibilities. Subject to Ethiopian legal requirements for the structure and registration of FSD Ethiopia, it is expected that specific objectives and activities of the Board of Directors will include:

  • Providing guidance and oversight on the new FSD entity’s development from a ‘start-up’ organisation to a fully-fledged organisation;
  • Determining a clear relationship between the new FSD entity, FSD Africa and the wider FSD Network subject to FCDO recommendations;
  • Empowering the new FSD entity CEO and Management team, creating the conditions for them to flourish;
  • Confirming and approving the new FSD entity’s vision, mission and values;
  • Providing oversight on and approving long-term strategy;
  • Providing oversight on and approving projects and operations;
  • Ensuring resources are effectively managed;
  • Ensuring that programming decisions are consistent with the organisation’s mission and that program priorities are given adequate budgetary weight in light of limited resources and the need to achieve multiple outcomes;
  • Monitoring the executive team, and intervening, if required, in critical management decisions in accordance with the FSD Ethiopia Board Charter;
  • Acting as ambassadors for the new FSD entity, enhancing its public profile by supporting FSD Ethiopia events, contributing to FSD Ethiopia’s communications activities and being ready to “open doors” to effect introductions that might help the entity fulfil its mission;
  • Critically assessing its own effectiveness by periodically reviewing how it can improve its ability to help the entity achieve its goals.

In addition to the above, the Chair of the FSD Ethiopia Board will be expected to carry the following activities typically required in the execution of a Chairperson’s duties:

  • Act as Chairman of the Board, convening and presiding over all Board meetings
  • Lead the Board in delegating to the new FSD entity’s management team
  • Exercise leadership in establishing the structure and strategy for the new FSD entity, and the implementation of the entity’s structure and strategy
  • Ensure a regular performance evaluation process of the Board and its Directors is in place
  • Initiate the process of removal from office of any Board Officer or Delegate who is not performing the duties of office or which has breached the provisions of office as set out in the Board Charter.

Role Requirements

The successful candidate(s) for the Non-Executive Director Roles and the Chair role shall have/be:

  • Senior Executives, C-Suite Level professionals (or equivalent)
  • Extensive network and strong knowledge of the local and regional financial sector and business environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of financial markets in the relevant country or region
  • Extensive financial sector experience in one or more of the following: private equity, development finance, accounting or audit, labour law, and banking or microfinance, and insurance in the relevant country or region or in a relevant comparable market
  • Passionate about financial sector development, financial inclusion and sustainable economic development in Africa.

The ability of the candidate to satisfy the following additional criteria would be an advantage:

  • Previous Board memberships or Board Chair roles;
  • Previous Investment Committee memberships, particularly in a Chair role
  • Previous exposure to, or experience in, the operations of development institutions

Tenure for the Role

Two-year fixed term contract, renewable upon end of tenure.



Time Commitment

Four Board meetings per year or more if necessary, timed to coincide with sub-committee meetings. Including the sub-committees, each meeting is expected to take up to 1.5 days. Attendance at board meetings may involve travel for which expenses will be reimbursed.

Conflicts of Interest

Individuals with conflicts of interests (such as suppliers or service providers to FSD Africa) will not be eligible to apply for the Board positions.

Application requirements

Applications should be submitted no later than Wednesday, 10 February 2021 at 1700 East Africa Time. To apply, submit your detailed CV and cover letter to Please specify your preferred role in the subject line as follows: “NED FSD Ethiopia” or “NED Board Chair FSD Ethiopia”.