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9 September 2020

Manager, FSD Network Directorate (Programme Manager)

Closing date

30.09.2020 5:00 pm

The FSD Network is a group of autonomous organisations, each with their own governance structures and strategies. A new business case and funding approved by DFID in December 2019 allows for the implementation of a new “FSD2.0” strategic approach developed by the Network and the design and roll-out of collaborative programming that fulfil the goals of this approach. The business case also provides for shared services to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Network, as well as the founding of new FSDs. A Network governance structure, including a Council, Taskforce and various committees has been established to underpin this new approach.

The FSD Network Directorate is a new pillar within FSD Africa designed to facilitate, coordinate and influence the roll-out of FSD 2.0 in partnership with the Taskforce focusing, in particular, on the co-creation of priority collaborative programmes and the contracting of required resources.

The Directorate will work closely with a new Head of FSD Academy and Talent Director to help deliver a suitable learning and talent management strategy for the Network. The Directorate also provides input as needed to other FSD Africa pillars leading on the provision of shared services to the Network (e.g. procurement, ICT, finance, and measurement and results management) as well as with the strategy pillar leading on the founding of new FSDs.

The Manager, FSD Network Directorate will be a member of a new dynamic team, assisting with the co-creation, coordination and resourcing of collaborative programming and other Network activities, supporting the Network’s governance arrangements and communications efforts and nurturing effective Network engagement.  The ultimate goal is to leverage synergies across the Network to drive enhanced impact and effectiveness of our work as a collective.

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