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Call for proposal

17 April 2020

Inclusive Financial Digital Services

Closing date

14.05.2020 12:00 pm

In fragile communities and states, the potential impact of leveraging digital solutions to reach marginalised, rural and the underbanked is tremendous.  While mobile money solutions have been around for some time, they often focus on urban areas or provide an alternative solution for populations that already have access to financial services.

Our Fragile Communities and States (FCAS) team seeks to contract a consultant or consulting firm to develop programme frameworks that focus on increasing financial services through financial service provider (FSP) intermediaries that have the potential to reach populations in fragile communities and states through digital platforms.

Financial intermediation can play an essential role in promoting technological progress in this area it is expected that a concerted focus on digitising Financial Service Providers (FSPs) that serve marginalised populations.

For more information about the consultancy and how to apply, please click here.