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Call for proposal

15 October 2020

Health Finance – Strategic Framework & Project Opportunities

Closing date

26.10.2020 5:00 pm

We wish to contract a reputable firm, individual or consortium to develop a strategic framework and project concepts for the organization’s future engagement in advancing and supporting the role of the financial sector in improving healthcare in Africa.

The consultant shall develop a strategic framework to achieve a clear picture of how our instruments and interventions can address critical constraints in health finance and thereby contribute to systemic change at the intersection of the financial and health systems. Furthermore, the consultant shall develop a Theory of Change that describes clear pathways for our interventions and their outputs to achieve positive outcomes in health finance and, ultimately, to improve real and social sector outcomes.

The consultant shall provide critical advisory, research and resources to the technical units’ work on developing and launching a portfolio of projects and partnerships during the 2021/22 business period. The technical teams intend to use the strategic framework and Theory of Change to make decisions on programmatic and partnership priorities.

All work of the consultant shall be carried out remotely. No travel is required. The majority of relevant stakeholders operate in African & European time zones. The consultant will report to the Assistant Director (Risk). In addition, it is intended that the consultant engages closely across the entire organisation, in particular with staff of the technical teams and of the Strategy & Advocacy team.

For more information and details on how to apply, please refer to the full terms of reference document.

Proposals should be submitted to the Assistant Director (Risk) by email to by close of business on 26 October 2020 under a subject line reading ‘Proposal: ‘Health Finance – Development of a Strategic Framework and Project Opportunities`.

Questions or comments in respect to the terms of reference should be directed to the Assistant Director (Risk) at