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4 September 2020

Head of Network Learning and Development

Closing date

18.09.2020 5:00 pm

FSDs are autonomous, multi-funded organisations, each with their own governance structures and independent strategies.  Combined, they employ over 250 financial sector experts and operational staff, with plans to grow.

A new business case and funding, approved by DFID in December 2019, includes significant support for implementation of a Network-wide strategy (“FSD2.0”) and the design and roll-out of collaborative programming (“CoPros”) around identified priority themes that fulfil the goals of this new strategy. The business case also provides for the provision of shared services to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Network, as well as the founding of new FSDs. An FSD Network governance structure, comprising a Council and Taskforce has been established to underpin this new approach, supported by a dedicated Directorate housed within FSD Africa. Steering groups representing the FSD Network are established as and when CoPros and shared service agreements are initiated.

Reporting to the Director of Talent, the Head of Network Learning & Development is responsible for building out and delivering a suitable learning and development strategy for the Network. The key goal is to ensure FSD Network staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the ambitious FSD2.0 strategy. A valuable vehicle for achieving this goal is the FSD Academy which is a Network initiative established in 2015 to provide valuable training and other services.  The Head of Network Learning & Development will build on this foundation, taking ownership of legacy programmes to ensure their ongoing success and, critically, expanding the curriculum through oversight of the design and delivery of new programmes and blended learning approaches that will enable the Network to deliver on its ambitious new strategy.

In essence, the Head of Network Learning & Development will be the driving force behind building a growth-minded culture within the FSD Network; s/he will ensure that the strategies, programmes and tools offered by the FSD Academy have a measurable impact on staff capacity to achieve results, retain staff and to grow their careers in meaningful ways.

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