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Call for proposal

21 September 2020

Frontclear Case Studies

Closing date

09.10.2020 5:00 pm

We wish to appoint a consultant to conduct a deep-dive in form of case studies on Frontclear Technical Assistance Programme (FTAP) to inform whether it has achieved the investments intended objectives.

Frontclear is a financial markets development company focused on catalysing stable and inclusive interbank markets in emerging and frontier markets. It facilitates access to financial markets for local institutions to local and global markets through the provision of credit guarantees to cover their counterparty credit risk. The Technical Assistance programme supports capacity development and the establishment of financial infrastructure in Frontclear’s countries of operations.

The case studies are a follow on from the initial impact study (mid-term evaluation) done in 2018 and as of the time it was rather too early to identify the impacts on the real economy. The mid-term evaluation focused on the evidence of the Frontclear’s activities leading to the expected outputs and outcomes and how that was expected to lead to the desired impacts on the real economy in the future. It also focused on the learnings that had emerged and that appeared to be the most successful for moving the interbank market forward. The case studies will also capture lessons learnt and evidence of ‘what works’ in each country context, this will be key to inform future programming work around the same context.

It is expected that this consultancy will run from November 2020 to January 2021. We would like the case studies to be completed and submitted to us by the end of January 2021.

Proposals should be submitted by email to, by 5pm (EAT) on 9th October 2020 under a subject line reading ‘Invitation to tender: Frontclear Case Studies.

Questions or comments in respect of these terms of reference should be forwarded on or before 28 September 2020 through the email address Responses will subsequently be circulated to all bidders on or before 30 September 2020.