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Call for proposal

20 July 2020

Expression of Interest for a Risk-based Supervision Expert

Closing date

11.08.2020 12:00 pm

The Capital Markets Authority is an independent public agency in Kenya established by an Act of Parliament, Cap 485A, under the National Treasury and Planning/Ministry of Finance. The Authority was established on December 15, 1989 when the Act was passed and was inaugurated in March 1990.

The Authority has a twin mandate of regulating and facilitating the development of capital markets in Kenya. This includes licensing and supervision of market intermediaries and issuers of securities to the public as well as oversight of the securities exchange(s) and central depositories and all other persons regulated under the Capital Markets Act. It plays a critical role in the economy by facilitating mobilization and allocation of capital to finance long term investments in productive investments.

With our support, the Capital Markets Authority is seeking the services of a consultant to provide technical assistance in overhauling the Authority’s current risk-based supervision (RBS) model and tools. The consultant will be expected to work closely with the staff of the Authority, dedicating most of his time as a resident consultant during the consultancy period.

Please see attached ToRs for more information.