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13 May 2021

Director, Green Finance Transaction Accelerator

Closing date

30.07.2021 5:00 pm

Following the recent announcement of changes to the UK development budget, FCDO has reaffirmed its support for FSD Africa as a regional financial market development programme and has invited us to construct a new strategy around Capital Markets, Green Finance and Fintech & Financial Innovation. We are therefore seeking applications for the position of Director, Green Finance Transaction Accelerator (GFTA) to lead our market intervention pillar that aims to catalyse investment in Africa’s green economy.

The GFTA pillar is a new initiative for FSD Africa and, therefore, the Director will have the opportunity to shape strategy and develop a portfolio of innovative transactions. The overall goal is to create financing structures or vehicles that are able to channel finance to underserved parts of the green economy.

A strategy will be needed for this highly innovative venture and the Director, GFTA will need, as an early priority, to develop a strategy that answers key questions such as deal size, sector focus, the balance between investment in financing structures and direct, demonstration transactions, partnerships, expected impact etc. 

The majority of the Director’s work is expected to be carried out in FCDO priority countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Morocco, although there is some latitude for working elsewhere and for doing transactions that are genuinely regional in nature. The Director, GFTA would be expected to engage with other FCDO-funded financial entities, including CDC and PIDG.

He/she will work highly collaboratively with our existing pillars: Capital Markets, Risk & Resilience and FSD Africa Investments, which are already active in doing green finance transactions. As such, establishing a mutually beneficial modus operandi will be vital. The Director, GFTA will also connect with the global green investment community (and green finance thinkers) in the major economies around the world, partnering with top-class financial intermediaries to drive deal origination and execution. 

For more information on the key responsibilities and role requirements, please download the detailed job description.

To apply, click here. Applications will be accepted until 30 July 2021. Shortlisting will be done on a rolling basis.