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Call for proposal

17 September 2022

Development Impact Training Course

Closing date

05.10.2022 12:00 pm

We are seeking to contract a Service Provider (individual, firm or consortium), hereafter referred to as “The consultant”, to develop a training course on Social, Environmental and Market Development Impact Management and Measurement. This training course is aimed at FSD Africa staff (particularly investment teams), investee companies, and partners who need to be familiar with, and implement, the FSD Africa Development Impact approach and practices. This training course will be developed initially as a face-to-face course and will be converted to an online learning product to enable online or hybrid delivery.

There are two broad components to these Terms of Reference. The first component (outlined in sections a and b of the Scope) is the development of the course content and delivery of a face-to-face version of the training. The second component (outlined in section c of the Scope) is the conversion of the course material into an on-line training programme.

The Terms of Reference (ToRs) are designed to be flexible and not fully predefined to allow for the content to evolve and be adjustable with emerging insights on how to communicate and embed our approach most effectively.

The consultant’s main tasks will include the following: –

  • Define training course objectives and applicable methods
  • Develop training course content and design training course
  • Deliver the training in a face-to-face setting
  • Deploy the course on the hosting server (FSD Academy) and go-live

This work is expected to take place between October 2022 – December 2022, with the goal to have the training course rolled out in January 2023. The total duration of the assignment is expected to be 45 days i.e. 20 days for component 1 and 25 days for component 2.

For more information and details on how to submit proposals, please download the full terms of reference document.

Proposals should not exceed 10 pages excluding annexes. Your proposal should be submitted to FSD Africa by email:, by noon (12pm) (EAT) on 05 October 2022 under a subject line reading ‘Invitation to tender: DI Training Consultant.

Questions or comments in respect of these terms of reference should be directed by email to: and must be received before 12 pm (EAT) 26 September 2022. Responses will be communicated on 27 September 2022.