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25 November 2020

Capital Markets Specialist, Asset Management & Regulation

Closing date

11.12.2020 5:00 pm

We are seeking to hire a Capital Markets Specialist in Asset Management and Regulation who will report to the Director Capital Markets and will be housed in the Capital Markets Pillar. S/he will lead the implementation of pillar strategies and interventions in asset management and regulation. In delivering her/his role, the specialist will participate in the development of the pillars’ strategic and programme work plans, play a critical role in project management and implementation, and position our contribution to market transformation.

The Capital Markets Specialist, Asset Management and Regulation will contribute to the management of the finances associated with the Capital Markets Pillar while ensuring compliance with FSD Africa and Donor policies. This role requires the individual to drive the transformation of capital markets through effective technical assistance, influencing, advocacy and communication strategies. In delivering her/his role, the specialist will support the Director of Capital Markets in identifying, engaging and empowering key partners needed to operate effectively and contribute to the development of their respective Capital Markets.

For more information and details on how to apply, please click here.

Applications will be accepted until 09 December 2020.