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Call for proposal

18 September 2020

Board Evaluation

Closing date

02.10.2020 5:00 pm

We wish to appoint a consultant to lead a Board evaluation exercise for the FSD Africa Board of Directors.

The consultant will review existing governance and Board documentation to establish the role and expectations of the Board and will also engage with Board directors to establish their views on a number of governance processes and Board dynamics.

The objectives are to ensure that FSD Africa’s governance procedures follow best practice, to ascertain whether the Board feels properly informed, engaged, satisfied with its team dynamics, and to make recommendations that might enhance the Board’s effectiveness.

The consultant will present a written report on the overall fitness-for-purpose of the Board, with recommendations to enhance its efficacy and structure where applicable, and will also work closely with FSD Africa’s Company Secretary who will make introductions where necessary and provide requisite documentation and support for the Services.

Proposals will be accepted until Friday 2 October 2020 5pm and questions or comments in respect of the terms of reference should be forwarded on or before Friday 25 September 2020 through the email address