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The FSD Network is a family of Financial Sector Deepening programmes seeking to build diverse and inclusive financial systems across Africa that enhance the financial resilience and sustainable livelihoods for all and enable inclusive growth.

We believe that financial systems have the potential to play a major role in enabling inclusive growth and ensuring access to basic services while assuring a sustainable future for low-income people. Guided by the imperatives of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the FSD Network seeks to mould sustainable financial systems, enabling them to work more inclusively across Africa. We are deeply committed to equity between men and women and supporting the vulnerable and marginalised.

Each member of the Network is substantially independent, with its own governance structure responding to local needs and priorities. FSDs create their own programmes and engagements in response to the specific markets of their geographic areas of operation. The FSD Network is governed by a Council made up of the leaders of all members. The Council decides on major directions and creates the opportunity for members to engage in areas of common interest.