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    Blog post | 30 November 2016 | Mark Napier

Harbingers of doom? Bank failures in Africa – how to interpret these

Africa | Financial Inclusion | Market Development | Policy and regulation | Savings

Yesterday, Zambia’s central bank announced it had taken over a commercial bank, Intermarket, after the latter failed to come up with the capital it needed to satisfy new minimum capital requirements. Three weeks ago, a Mozambican bank – Nosso Banco – had its...

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    Document | September 2015 | World Bank

Global Financial Development Report 2015/2016

Global | Capital markets | Data Analytics | Market Development | Savings | SME finance

Global Financial Development Report 2015/2016 is the third in a World Bank series. It provides a unique contribution to financial sector policy debates, building on novel data, surveys, research, and wide-ranging country experience, with emphasis on emerging markets and...

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    Document | February 2013 | Joanna Ledgerwood

The New Microfinance Handbook

SSA | Agriculture / rural finance | Branchless banking | Credit | Digital finance services | Financial literacy | Gender | Payments | Policy and regulation | Savings | SME finance

The New Microfinance Handbook is perhaps the best single source compendium on the fast evolving microfinance industry.

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    Document | April 2011 | Thorsten Beck, Samuel Munzele Maimbo, Issa Faye, Thouraya Triki

Financing Africa through the Crisis and Beyond

SSA | Agriculture / rural finance | Capital markets | Digital finance services | Housing finance | Insurance | Payments | Pensions | Savings | SME finance

Financing Africa through the Crisis and Beyond

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    Document | March 2016 | SEEP

SEEP Project Director

Global | Savings

The Project Director position is responsible for leading the implementation of “The Savings Groups Evidence and Learning Initiative”, a program launched by the SEEP Network in 2016 with funding support from FSD Africa. The Savings Groups Evidence and Learning...

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