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    Document | December 2018 | Cenfri

Where are the Flows? Exploring Barriers to Remittances in sub-Saharan Africa

Africa | Ethiopia | Ivory Coast | Nigeria | Uganda | Digital finance services | Financial Systems | Remittances

As part of FSD Africa’s Risk, Remittance and Integrity (RRI) Programme, Cenfri is producing a seven-part study series which seeks to provide an overview of the remittances market, gaps and barriers in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), conclude on what is required to reduce...

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    Document | April 2019

Deep-dives: Insurance for Development

Ghana | Nigeria | Insurance

What is the role of insurance for development? We have partnered with DFID, the World Bank and Cenfri to conduct diagnostics in Ghana and Nigeria to understand how insurance market development can contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth. The diagnostics explore...

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