Inclusive Finance


Risk, Remittances and Integrity

The Risk, Remittances and Integrity (RRI) Programme will engage at regional and global levels, as well as in individual focus countries. Special attention will be given to the needs of FSD countries. The programme will also leverage South Africa as a key demonstration country with influence at global standard setting bodies. The first year will focus on exploratory engagements and hands-on projects to establish the programme and lay the groundwork for its pipeline in the rest of the programme period. In doing so, the programme builds on Cenfri’s experience in these fields to date, leveraging existing partnerships and insights. The overview below indicates how activities will unfold over the duration of the programme.


Project activities


The Risk component will comprise four activity streams:

  1. Building the evidence base for change across four themes
  2. Convening and agenda-setting
  3. Equipping regulators for change
  4. Innovation for risk management


The programme activities will cluster around three activity streams:

  1. Corridor development
  2. Payment eco-system enablers
  3. Global and regional agenda setting


Integrity spans four activity streams:

  1. Developing an overarching framework to better understand ML/FT risks
  2. Agenda setting and capacity building: integrity and inclusion interplay
  3. Supporting inclusion-friendly implementation of AML/CFT requirements
  4. Understanding the scope and relevance of illicit flows in the region


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