FSDA Launches its First Photo Contest in Kenya

FSDA Photo Contest in Kenya 2016
FSDA is launching its first photo contest in the categories “Finance for Life” and “Africulture” in Kenya.


About the competition 

Financial inclusion is key to lifting people out of poverty. Over the past 15 years, progress in accessing financial services in Kenya has been remarkable. FSDA’s first photo competition in 2016 wants to showcase how Kenyans seize new opportunities and rise above financial challenges. Help us highlight Kenya’s recent and exciting success stories by taking part in this photo competition.

Why the topics matter

Today, almost half of the world’s population does not have a bank account. Access to financial services helps overcome poverty, and enables poor people to invest and save.  Kenya has proven to be a financial development pioneer, and continues to build on the country’s many successes. Improved access to finance – “financial inclusion”, or “finance for life” – unleashes potential that benefits individuals as much as an entire economy: companies grow, create jobs and increase incomes, while individuals invest in education, health care, and small businesses. Quality of life improves, and communities grow stronger.

Africa is well-known for its abundant agriculture and Kenya again leads the field, with large-scale and small-holder farming communities producing a wide variety of crops and foods across the country’s diverse topography. “Africulture” supports millions of Kenyans through innovative farming practices and processes, enabling businesses and individuals to thrive.


Pictures can be submitted in one or all of the following categories:

  • Finance for Life: This category celebrates actions and moments that capture and demonstrate the benefits of financial inclusion.
  • Africulture: This category acknowledges the heart of Kenya’s economy, and celebrates all hard-working farmers and small businesses in the agriculture sector. Any aspect within this broad topic can be captured and brought to light.


For each category, the jury will select two winners.

Gold: Equivalent to the 1st prize. Winners will be awarded Ksh 25,000.

Silver: Equivalent to the 2nd prize. Winners will be awarded Ksh 15,000.

In addition, 4 honourable mentions will receive gift cards to the value of Ksh 5,000.

Prizes will be handed to the winners during an event in Nairobi where entries will be presented to a wider public.

Winning Criteria 

A panel of selected jury members (FSDA to determine) will announce winners for each category after the close of the photo competition.

The jury will be looking at a number of factors that will help them decide the overall winners:

  • Reflection of Categories: Does the submitted picture(s) reflect the categories of the competition?
  • Composition & Lighting: Is the picture composed in an interesting, pleasing and/or creative manner whilst making the best use of lighting?
  • Creativity & Emotions: Does the picture offer a creative view on the subjects and/or does it evoke strong emotions for the viewers?
  • Captions: Does the caption tell/reflect a meaningful story behind the photograph and is it relevant to the picture?

The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed against.

Submission Rules 

Who can submit? 

To take part in this competition you can be a professional or amateur photographer. You should be at least 18 years or older and either a Kenyan citizen, residing in Kenya and/or able to capture pictures in Kenya.


  • Please fill out the submission form (further below for download) and submit your photos together with the form via email to photos@fsdafrica.org; submissions missing the entry form will not be considered.
  • All submissions must be originals. Submissions that are not your own will be barred from the competition. All pictures must respect the rights of individuals and cultural sensitivities. Watermarks, data stamps, added text and/or names should not appear on the pictures and will be disqualified if they do so.
  • Digital enhancement and touch-ups are allowed as long as they are minor (contrast, brightness, etc.). Image manipulations that alters the original scene significantly are not allowed (e.g. do not add elements that were not in the scene when you took the picture and vice versa).
  • Photos submitted should be in .jpg format (with a photo resolution of 300 dpi). If selected, you may be asked to send in original RAW files.
  • All pictures submitted must have been taken in Kenya and not be older than 2 years, e.g. pictures taken in 2013 or before will NOT be considered. You can submit up to three (3) pictures for each category – max six (6) pictures – that should all be min 1MB in size.
  • By submitting your pictures, you automatically certify/agree that
    • a) FSDA may use or reproduce your pictures (including, but not limited to, online and print publications, presentations, social media channels, FSDA websites); however, you remain the owner of the pictures and can continue to use/sell the pictures as you see fit;
    • b) recognizable individuals have expressively agreed that their picture can be taken and used;
    • c) data might be stored by FSDA but only used in relation to the photo competition;
    • d) the jury’s decisions are final and binding; and
    • e) you bear sole responsibility for any taxes that may apply to the prizes awarded to you.
  • Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2016, late entries will not be considered
  • Winners will be announced at an FSDA photo event in Nairobi, Kenya. The exact date will be announced at a later stage.
  • No entry fee is required for taking part in this competition.

Information Required

Please fill in the submission form (for download below). You will be asked to provide name, contact details, file names, captions and locations of where these pictures were taken. Don’t forget that we need this information for each picture submitted. Once you have filled out the form, send it together with the pictures to photos@fsdafrica.org.

About us

FSDA believes that reducing poverty and inequality in sub-Saharan Africa is achieved by promoting financial inclusion, boosting growth and improving financial markets for the most disadvantaged. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya with networks in 8 countries (Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia).

Downloading submission form

Download photo submission form (.docx)

Download photo submission form (.doc)

Download photo submission form (.pdf)