Towards Impact-Oriented Measurement (IOM) Systems for the FSD Network

This summary is a consultation document.

It forms part of a year-long assignment, which was commissioned by FSD Africa to facilitate peer learning among the nine FSDs in Africa, help them adopt more robust approaches, and develop a crisper message across the FSDs with regard to both measuring and reporting their results.
This assignment has been facilitated by an Oxford Policy Management (OPM) core team (Sukhwinder Arora, Sarah Keen, Ian Robinson, Robert Stone and Richard Williams). The OPM
team was supported by a panel of experts including Thorsten Beck, Susan Johnson and Alan Roe. The OPM team has also greatly benefited from frequent consultations with and guidance from FSDs, FSD Africa and CGAP teams. Contributions, especially from Mayada El-Zoghbi, Karina Nielsen and Krisana Pieper, as well as Mark Napier, Joe Huxley, are greatly acknowledged.

Once this core assignment is completed by OPM in October 2015, FSD Africa will work with DFID and the FSD Network in Africa to support its implementation and periodically review and update the guidance.


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