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    Blog post | 11 April 2016 | Moses Ochieng

The New Money Lenders of Nairobi

SSA | Branchless banking | Digital finance services | Financial Inclusion

Lending and borrowing is as old as money itself. Over the centuries there have been many different forms of money lending, and so it is no surprise that new forms evolve continuously. Today, Nairobi, too, welcomes a new form of money lending. Not so long ago, there were...

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    Blog post | 16 March 2016 | Kátia Agostinho

Women’s Key Roles as Farmers and Caregivers: What Do We Know?

Mozambique | Agriculture / rural finance | Gender

“When you invest in women and girls, you invest in everyone” Melinda Gates posted in Facebook. Did you know that agriculture in Mozambique employs 62% of  the women labour force which represents the vast majority (almost 90%) of those that work in agriculture?...

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    Blog post | 18 February 2016 | Julie Zollman

Five Things We Used to Think about Africa’s Credit Markets

SSA | Credit | Market Development

For years, donors and regulators have been trying to cook up more mature consumer credit markets in Africa. We used to think we knew the essential ingredients for baking the perfect credit market cake.  But when we look around the world at how credit markets are...

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    Blog post | 6 August 2015 | Mark Napier

“Tales from a Happy Kenyan i-Taxpayer”

Kenya | Digital finance services | Payments

I pay taxes in Kenya.  I am happy to pay my fair share.  It’s a shame more of us in Kenya who should be paying taxes are not.  But that’s another challenge and there are other battles to fight. Interesting, by the way, to read about the Addis Tax Initiative,...

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    Blog post | 23 July 2015 | Moses Ochieng

Why Obama will need M-Pesa for his visit to Kenya

Kenya | Branchless banking | Digital finance services | Payments

Tomorrow, President Obama will come home to Kenya. He is likely to get calls from relatives asking for him to ‘chip in’. He will be expecting them. These types of calls are not uncommon in Kenya. Only the other day, I got a text message while I was a work: “Uncle...

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    Blog post | 7 April 2015 | Michael Kihato

What is a micro-mortgage?

Kenya | Tanzania | Uganda | Zambia | Agriculture / rural finance | Housing finance

Micro-mortgages are defined as “housing loans of long duration (generally ten years or more) that exhibit all characteristics of traditional mortgage loans (long repayment period, house as collateral for the loan, ability to foreclose and sell the house in case of...

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