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    Blog post | 2 September 2016 | Julie Zollmann

A Tale of Two Markets

Imagine Johannesburg, with its highways, traffic signals, shopping malls, chain restaurants and supermarkets. Now picture Nakuru, a small Kenyan town, filled with old, narrow roads clogged with tuktuks and street vendors, pushing themselves shoeless into the traffic and...

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    Blog post | 30 August 2016 | David Porteous, Bankable Frontier Associates

Credit on the Cusp: “I’ll see you in court!”

Kenya | South Africa | Credit

See you in court? Unlikely. In recent times most law courts in Africa have not been suitable places to enforce or defend low-value retail credit contracts – the transactions costs associated with the legal process swamp the value of most claims. Read more here

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    Blog post | 30 August 2016 | Sushmita Meka, Bankable Frontier Associates

Goldilocks and the “Just Right” Credit Market

Ghana | Kenya | South Africa | Credit

Goldilocks never took a bank loan, never had a credit card, and never got into debt. But if she had, her exposure to the fairy tale credit market would have been “just right.” She’s the lucky one. Across Africa, people living on the “cusp” of poverty –...

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    Blog post | 11 July 2016

Public speaking & Presentations

Presentation on public speaking and presentations by Richard Darlington, Head of Strategic Communications, Well Told Story during the communications clinic at FSD Kenya on  6/21/2016. Click here to download the presentation.

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    Blog post | 6 July 2016 | Mark Napier

Payroll Lending in Zambia: a Dance with the Devil?

Zambia | Capital markets | Credit | Financial Inclusion | Payroll lending

In March 2016, the Zambian government approved proposals to redesign the royalty regime for mining companies.  This involved introducing a new methodology for calculating Mineral Royalty Tax (MRT), linked to the prevailing copper price. Because mines can take several...

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