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    Blog post | 13 January 2017

FSD Africa’s First Photo Competition Winners Announced

Kenya | Financial Inclusion

FSDA’s Director (L), Mark Napier with winners during the awards ceremony. After a period of selection and voting, FSD Africa is pleased to announce overall winners of its 2016 photo competition. The aim, successfully achieved, was to provide examples of how Kenyans...

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    Blog post | 7 December 2016 | Evans Osano

Five Reasons Why Capital Markets Matter in Africa

Africa | Capital markets

The significance of developing domestic capital markets as a means of financing priority sectors and driving economic development is increasingly being acknowledged by policy makers in Africa. For instance, the African Union (AU), Agenda 2063, prioritises the development...

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    Blog post | 30 November 2016 | Mark Napier

Harbingers of doom? Bank failures in Africa – how to interpret these

Africa | Financial Inclusion | Market Development | Policy and regulation | Savings

Yesterday, Zambia’s central bank announced it had taken over a commercial bank, Intermarket, after the latter failed to come up with the capital it needed to satisfy new minimum capital requirements. Three weeks ago, a Mozambican bank – Nosso Banco – had its...

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    Blog post | 8 November 2016 | Kieran Garvey

Crowdfunding in East Africa: A Regulator-Led Approach to Market Development

Kenya | Rwanda | Tanzania | Uganda | Crowdfunding | Policy and regulation

Earlier in 2016, FSD Africa partnered with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) and Anjarwalla & Khanna to conduct a regulatory review of different crowdfunding models across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. This project is now in its final stages and...

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    Blog post | 7 November 2016 | Martin Namasaka

Disseminating Research as a Network: Credit on the Cusp Case Study

Financial Inclusion

Disseminating findings is a critical part of the research process. It leads to increased awareness; it also helps to enhance understanding of the messages the research intends to convey, hence maximising the impact that the research can have. Yet, many organisations...

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    Blog post | 21 October 2016 | Stephen Greiff

Getting Ready for Take-off?

Change management | Services markets

What needs to be done to get Executive Coaching operating effectively in Nigeria? And why does this matter? The executive and business coaching market in Nigeria can best be described as ‘nascent’, according to research conducted by Creative Metier on behalf of FSD...

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    Blog post | 19 October 2016 | Robert Stone and Sukhwinder Arora

Can Insights from Informal Groups help us move from Access to Usage?

Financial Inclusion

The financial inclusion agenda globally is gathering momentum. Some of the key building blocks towards rapid progress in achieving broader financial inclusion are the insights acquired by financial services providers, policy makers, funders, investors and other...

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    Blog post | 12 October 2016 | Severin Luebke

Building Trust – Why Banking Needs to be more Personal

Change management | Services markets

In Edelman’s annual study on levels of trust in industries, the Financial Services industry once again came bottom, as they have done for the last 5 years. Although the industry has been recovering from its lows in the early 2010s, only 51% of people have trust in the...

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    Blog post | 6 October 2016 | Paul A. M. Musoke

Executive Coaching is Influencing Change in Africa’s Financial Sector

Change management | Services markets

Globally, executive coaching has become a leadership capacity building tool facilitating change management, enhancing strategic thinking, performance management, organisational effectiveness and supporting individual growth. Coaching provides targeted support for leaders...

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