Payments Association of Kenya – Chief Executive Officer

Anchored on the National Payments System Act (2011) and Regulations (2014), the PAK’s role is to establish and lead dialogue between the major payments providers (both banks and nonbanks) to establish common rules and standards to improve the end-to-end efficiency and affordability of the Kenyan retail payment system, while preserving market competition and incentives for investment and innovation.

The PAK governance is currently overseen by an Interim committee made up of various industry participants including banks, card schemes, aggregators, switches and mobile money operators. This Interim committee is in the process of converting to a governing committee. The Association is officially registered and seeks to recruit a highly-driven individual to implement its vision and strategy.

Reporting to the PAK committee, the Chief Executive Officer will assist in the provision of day to day management and establishment of the Association which will entail; executing on the
PAK vision & strategy, managing key stakeholder relationships, ensuring corporate governance and compliance, leading and directing the Association and managing human and financial
capital. PAK will also bring together the industry players for purposes of collaboration, cooperation, advocacy, facilitation and development.

PAK requires a qualified Chief Executive Officer to handle the day-to-day management tasks of the association. They will need to be a visionary thought leader with strong project management skills. You will be required to engage with a diverse range of partners and stakeholders and must therefore possess strong interpersonal skills. To succeed, you will need to be agile, be highly motivated and able to deliver on a demanding set of outputs.

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