• Deadline: 8 February 2019

FSD Africa is looking to build a panel of capital markets development consultants/specialists whom it can engage as different projects get initiated. This call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) is aimed at pre-qualifying consultants to facilitate procurement for consultancy assignments that are anticipated in the future.  Terms of Reference for the specific assignments will be sent out at the appropriate time.

FSD Africa recognises that capital markets development plays an important role in facilitating economic growth across sub-Saharan Africa. It envisages that more inclusive, liquid and efficient capital markets will channel funds to investments that will drive inclusive economic growth and transformation.

Download the full job description >>

FSD Africa is inviting EOIs from suitably qualified individual consultants or specialist firms in the area specified in the document above.

Please note – fully costed proposals and/or detailed work plans are not required at this stage. Cost estimates of travel, accommodation etc. are also not required.

Your EOI should contain:

  • Names and CVs of key individuals.
  • Your place of business.
  • An outline of your team structure outlining specific individual and collective expertise.
  • Portfolio of individual consultants that will execute projects in the different categories (If applying for multiple categories)
  • A short statement (maximum 1 side of A4) of why you believe you have the right qualifications to help FSD Africa in the stated area.
  • A description of your understanding of the role of the Consultant as outlined in these terms of reference.
  • Language proficiency – whilst most of the projects are in anglophone Africa, we would also like to identify consultants who are proficient in French and Portuguese.
  • A statement describing your availability, e.g.:
    • Preferred length of assignment
    • Willingness to travel
    • Availability
  • Your current fee rate in GBP
  • Any other information that you believe should be considered in the shortlisting process.

Your EOI, which should not exceed 3 sides of A4 (font size 11) in total (excluding CV) should be sent to FSD Africa at bids@fsdafrica.orgunder a subject line reading “Expression of interest:  Capital Markets Development Consultants” by 1200 (EAT) on Friday 8 February 2019.

Questions or comments in respect of this request for Expressions of Interest should be directed to: FSD Africa at

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