Jubilee Insurance

This publication presents the case of The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya that has made the strategic decision to invest intentionally in the development of a coaching culture through a three-phased leadership development programme. Jubilee Kenya’s leadership is determined to cultivate a coaching culture that will enhance employee productivity and commitment, and contribute to business performance.

Commenting on the case study, Emily Kamunder-Osoro, the Group Head of Human Resources said: “My vision for the organisation is to grow and develop our managers into transformation leaders who will shape the future our company. I look forward to implementing Phase 3 of our leadership development programme in 2016 which will see our managers gain hands-on coaching skills and eventually identify a pool of internal coaches that will enable us embed a coaching culture across the organisation.”

Leaders in the financial sector are under constant pressure and scrutiny to ensure the sustainability and profitability of their institutions. Executive coaching is fast becoming a critical tool globally to support leaders to achieve impact on business performance. Executive coaching is the delivery of structured one-to-one support, usually by conversation, by professional Executive Coaches to enable leaders to achieve specific organisational or leadership objectives over a defined period; and it closes the gap between potential and performance and enables the individual to optimise their contribution to the organisation.

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