Understanding and Tracking Housing Costs across Africa

The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa is looking to appoint a service provider for an exciting project. The aim of this project is to explore the cost of a basic, entry-level house across different countries in Africa, and to understand what drives cost differences.

To realise this aim, the project will develop and implement a methodology through which the performance of different housing markets in Africa can be legitimately compared over time. The project will also make recommendations on key areas for intervention that would address housing affordability and create an online platform managed by CAHF that makes the data readily available to stakeholders.  More information about the project can be found in the Terms of Reference, the link for which is below.

Submissions for the project, “The House that Jack Built”, are due by 17h00 on 28 September 2015, and should be sent by email to samuel@housingfinanceafrica.org.

Click here for the Terms of References for the project.

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