The role of client data in Financial Service Providers’ decision making

This study seeks to build the information base required to inform and prioritise the i2i facility and FSDAs interventions with FSPs. This will require an in-depth understanding of how FSPs manage and use client data. The study will consider how different FSPs (e.g. insurance companies, payment systems providers, banks, MNOs and retailers) across different markets (e.g. stages of development, levels of competition, etc.) engage with data. The study will further seek to understand how data and information management differ across hierarchical levels within an organisation (e.g. Board, management, operations etc.) and across different business functions within FSPs (e.g. credit risk, new business development, marketing, etc.).
The study should provide comprehensive mapping of client data interactions and the information management systems that facilitate these interactions. This mapping should allow for the development of clear typology of data sources and organisational decisions. FSPs will be selected from i2i focus countries1 and Nigeria. FSPs in developed countries can also be included where the inclusion demonstrates a clear evolution or distinct difference in the nature of data interactions (and associated costs and management required) between FSPs in more developed markets and those in our focus countries.


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