Request For Proposals: Credit Market Development Programme: Ghana Credit Market Diagnostic

FSD Africa is a non-profit company based in Nairobi which promotes poverty reduction through financial sector development across sub-Saharan Africa.

FSD Africa, in partnership with the Bank of Ghana (BOG), wishes to engage a consultant or firm to conduct a Credit Market Diagnostic in Ghana. The Diagnostic is intended for use by BOG as well as other public and private institutions in Ghana involved in credit market monitoring, risk management and market development.

The scope of the Diagnostic will cover: the reviewing and adjusting of existing draft data templates that will support BOG in monitoring all aspects of Ghana’s credit market and identify gaps and weaknesses in the allocation of credit; the piloting of the templates with selected bank and non-bank lenders; the collecting of additional baseline credit market information from BOG and other sources, and; the production of a Credit Market Diagnostic Report for BOG and for publication.

Data collection and analysis will include (but not be limited to) the following segments:

  1. Agricultural credit, including an analysis of supply chain finance and trade credit;
  2. Micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) credit, including an analysis of cottage industries, supply chain finance and trade credit;
  3. Credit to individuals, with the product analysis giving attention to housing credit (including mortgages) and salary-backed loans; and
  4. The nature and extent of renewable energy loans must be quantified and any factors that may constrain development of this segment be identified.

The Diagnostic report will cover all credit providers (both bank and non-bank) and include disaggregated statistics across all credit products and all categories of credit users. It will include external benchmarks from select relevant African and other emerging markets and trend statistics that will enable BOG and other policy makers and stakeholders in Ghana to identify strengths and weaknesses in the credit market, areas of development and areas of risk.

All proposals must include the following:

  • A description of the Consultant’s understanding of the objectives of the assignment and their role, including observations on the terms of reference and recommendations for effective execution;
  • A description of the Consultant’s proposed approach to the assignment, including a work plan, project management plan and timeframe;
  • Identification of areas of the assignment that the Consultant considers to be particularly complex and a proposal on how these complexities will be addressed;
  • A short summary of firm level experience relevant to the assignment (no more than two sides of A4);
  • Names and CV(s) of key individual/s proposed, including a) short description of relevant qualifications; b) short description of relevant expertise and experience; c) statement of availability (as an annex, tailored to the assignment, maximum two sides A4 per CV);
  • Details of proposed team structure, including clearly defined roles and responsibilities of team member/s;
  • A detailed budget (tax inclusive) including daily rates, number of days per team member and total fees, plus a breakdown of direct expenses (travel, accommodation and any other expenses). The time allocation must clearly state the amount of time that will be spent in Ghana and out-of-country for each team member included in the proposal.

To access the Terms of Reference (TOR) click here.


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