Invitation to Tender: Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited Project ‘5 by 5’ Baseline Study & Associated Results Measurement Support

FSD Africa wishes to contract a consultancy firm (to carry out a baseline study of Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited’s (FBGL) project ‘5 by 5’, and to support the project team to set up/refine processes and tools for determining project impact. Project ‘5 by 5’ is an initiative that aims to increase access to financial products and services amongst unbanked and underserved Ghanaians, using an agency banking model.

Objective of the Consultancy

  1. Determine the perceptions that selected market actors have of FBGL, including its ability to sustainably provide financial services to Ghana’s unbanked and underserved population. Key market actors include Bank of Ghana, other financial sector regulators in Ghana, FBGL donors, and FBGL business partners;
  2. Establish the spatial distribution of FBGL’s smart friends and agents, so as to better understand the reach of its agency banking model;
  3. Determine frequency of use of agency banking services and levels of satisfaction amongst clients of FBGL’s agency banking, and the factors influencing the same;
  4. Actively engage the Project ‘5 by 5’ Management Team in the development of tools used to achieve objectives (2) and (3) above, and build their capacity to deploy these tools throughout the project duration. In executing this task, the Consultant will be required to build on systems within FBGL that are currently being used to generate spatial information, and client satisfaction data.

Proposal should include;

  • Names, CVs and location of key individuals as well as outline of the team structure
  • A short statement of why you believe your firm has the right experience and blend of expertise for this assignment including a listing of similar assignments that you have conducted in the last seven years
  • Confirmation of your firm’s availability to carry out this work, giving details of any prior calls on your firm’s time
  • A detailed draft evaluation methodology & workplan guided by the project deliverables
  • An estimated budget for both professional fees and reimbursable expenses.

Your proposal should not exceed 10 sides of A4 (excluding CV). It should be sent by email to FSD Africa at by noon (EAT) on 31st October 2017 under a subject line reading ‘Invitation to tender: FBGL Project 5 by 5 Baseline study and associated results measurement support.’

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