Internally Displaced People, Refugees and Their Demand for Goods and Services in the DRC

ELAN RDC and FSD Africa wish to appoint a consultancy firm (“the consultants”) to carry out a research on market system development for refugees and displaced population in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The study will assess the size and the scope of demand of goods and services from internally displaced people IDPs and refugees in selected camps and their immediate neighbourhoods in the DRC. The research will also assess the consumption patterns and preferences, current use and future needs of financial services, informal employment and revenue levels of the target population.

This consultancy has the following objectives:

  • Approach private sector stakeholders to understand the constraints beside the lack of information that prevent them from serving the target population of IDPs and refugees in DRC
  • Gather market intelligence tobuild a better understanding of the needs and consumption patterns of refugees and internally displaced populations in DRC
  • Provide evidence on the size and the dynamics of the demand of goods as well as financial and non-financial services amongst refugees and IDPS
  • Provide an understanding of the economic activities of the refugees and income received from odd jobs/employment in NGOs or money received from friends and family through remittances.
  • Gather information on the existing supply both for goods and services as well as NGOs and providers of financial and non-financial services in the camps.
  • Communicate evidence from the study with private sector actors and help change the perception of some actors that IDPs and refugees do not represent a viable client segment.

 Invitation to tender

ELAN RDC and FSDA are inviting tenders from suitably qualified consultants/consultancy firms. Given the variation in tasks, FSDA expects that there may be scope for partnerships between complementary consultants/firms.

Your maximum 10 pages (excluding annexes) proposal should contain:

  • A description of your understanding of the task
  • Your proposed methodology and timeline
  • Proposed team composition and structure
  • Relevant experience of team members
  • 1. A proposed budget denominated in GBP – fees (including day rates and number of days) and expenses
  • 2. CVs (maximum 2 sides of A4 paper each) of key individuals, tailored to the assignment

Your proposal should be sent by email to ELAN RDC at by 12:00 pm Kinshasa Time on 7th March 2018.

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