Expression of Interest: Research on Impact of Executive Education

In the last 10 years, there has been a proliferation of executive education training courses in Africa.  However, there has been limited research and analysis on the importance and impact of executive education, especially in the financial sector.

The main objective of this consultancy is to conduct research to develop an understanding of how middle and senior-level managers learn most effectively in executive education programmes and how these programmes benefit their organisations.

The scope of work will include:

  • Carry out a study of current executive education offerings in general and those aimed at the financial sector
  • Develop a conceptual framework and methodology for best practice in executive education
  • Propose impact indicators by which executive education can be measured objectively

Your EOI should contain:

  • Names and CVs (maximum 3 sides of A4 paper each) of lead consultant(s) including qualifications and relevant experience
  • A short statement of why you believe you/your firm has the right experience and blend of expertise for this assignment
  • A short description of anticipated risks and how you would expect to deal with these
  • Confirmation of your/your firm’s availability to carry out this work
  • Any information that you believe should be taken into account in the shortlisting process

 Please note – a fully costed proposal and/or detailed work plan is not required at this stage.

Your Expression of Interest which should not exceed 3 sides of A4 (font size 11), excluding CVs, company brochures etc. should be sent to by 1200 (EAT) on 14th December 2015, under a subject line reading “Impact of Executive Education Research”.

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