EoI: Credit Market Project Manager & Pan-African Financial Sector Specialists

FSD Africa (“FSDA”) is looking to: 1) hire a project manager on a retained basis to assist in the implementation of its new Credit Market Development Programme; 2) build a panel of financial sector and credit market specialists whom it can call upon for advice and short term consultancy assignments on a draw-down arrangement for the Programme.  This call for Expressions of Interest is aimed at pre-qualifying consultants so as to facilitate procurement for the project management role, as well as for short-term advisory support and consultancies that are anticipated in the future.

Your EOI should be sent to FSDA at info@fsdafrica.org under a subject line reading “Expression of Interest: Credit Market Development Programme”. It should be received by 1700hrs (EAT) on Monday 19th September 2016.

Comments in respect of these terms of reference should be directed to FSDA at warucu@fsdafrica.org.

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