Invitation to Tender : Communications Support to FSD Africa’s Financial Systems Pillar

FSD Africa wishes to appoint a consultant to provide communication support to its Financial Systems Pillar on a part-time draw down basis for an initial period of six months, with an option to extend based on mutual agreement. (“the Services”).

FSD Africa’s Financial Systems Pillar encompasses a set of interventions focusing on supporting financial inclusion policy, research and capacity building initiatives across SSA in a number of financial sub-sectors, Specific programmes are as follows:

  • Risk, Remittances and Integrity (RRI) – Implemented by FSD Africa’s core partner Cenfri (, RRI aims to improve the capacity of national financial sectors to identify, price and manage risk, including AML/CFT risk, and to develop markets for remittances, many of which are being constrained due to ill-informed responses to perceived risks by regulators and providers.
  • Credit Market Development Programme (CMDP) – Through this programme FSD Africa is supporting evidence-based credit market regulation and industry response through capacity building for effective credit data collection and analysis, augmented by in-depth research.
  • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance (CAHF) – CAHF ( is an independent think tank pursuing its mission of making Africa’s housing finance markets work. Through a partnership with CAHF, FSD Africa is improving understanding of housing and housing finance markets in SSA, improving advocacy capacity for policy and market change, and facilitating partnerships to increase innovation and investment affordable housing and housing finance.
  • Savings Group Evidence and Learning Initiative (SGELI) – Through a partnership with the SEEP Network (, FSD Africa is helping to improve the quality and application of knowledge and evidence on savings groups, and supporting FSDs and other SSA partners in their savings group work.
  • Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) – FSD Africa is a core funder of DFI (, a South Africa-based organisation providing interactive e-learning capacity building on digital finance with a vision to accelerate the growth of digital finance globally, including in SSA.
  • Fletcher Leadership Programme in Financial Inclusion (FLPFI) – FSD Africa co-funds FLPFI (https://sites/tufts/edu/flpfi/), a capacity building programme for ‘rising star’ regulators and policymakers to improve financial inclusion policy and regulation, based on case study work.
  • Support to Women & Girls – FSD Africa is building up its gender programming focus, as well as its ability to support FSDs in their gender-based work.

Scope of Work

  1. Working within the boundaries of FSD Africa’s corporate communications guidelines, the consultant will apply his/her talent and experience to undertake the following:
  2. Support the Financial System’s team in the development of a communications strategy, stakeholder map and work plan for the pillar, as well as for its sub-programmes;
  3. Prepare communications materials and publications for specific activities and programmes as agreed with the Financial Systems team and assist with their dissemination. This will include but not be limited to the preparation of blogs, op-eds, press releases, infographics, presentations, brochures, tweets, podcasts etc.;
  4. Develop Financial Systems content for FSD Africa’s existing communications platforms, which include a new website and knowledge hub, a monthly newsletter and regular e-press releases and tweets;
  5. Contribute content and approaches to capture the achievements, outcomes and impact of the Financial Systems Pillar in captivating ways as input to FSD Africa’s reports for its Board of Directors and DFID; and
  6. Provide capacity building support to the Financial System’s team to assist in strengthening FSD Africa’s internal communications capacity.

Invitation to tender

FSD Africa is inviting proposals from suitably qualified consultants.  Proposals should be no more than 8 sides of A4 and contain:

  • Name, CV tailored to the assignment outlined (maximum 3 sides A4), contact information (email, phone, Skype), location (city, country) and business-related social media contacts (e.g. Linked-In, Twitter);
  • Summary of relevant expertise as called for in these ToR, including links to relevant work completed;
  • Description of the consultant’s understanding of the scope of work and related tasks;
  • Statement of availability over the six-month period commencing August 2018;
  • Current daily fee rate (in US$ or £) inclusive of Kenyan taxes (including WHT);
  • Two referees and their contact details.

To access the full details around this invitation to tender, click here

Your proposal should be sent to FSD Africa at under a subject line reading “Invitation to tender: Financial Systems Communications Consultant”.  It should be received by 1200hrs (EAT) on 17 August 2018.




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